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    The early 20th century witnessed a sweeping worldwide trend to establish schools. With the aim to educate and to equip the younger generation, the prudent predecessors of The Selangor Fui Chiu Association thus founded the Tsun Jin Primary School in 1913.
    In the early 1950, responding to the urgency to provide students with a holistic Chinese education and to pass on the excellent Chinese culture, the Tsun Jin Board of Governors thus endeavored to establish an independent Chinese high school. The high school section was officially in operation in 1955.
    In 1962, many local Chinese schools opted for systemic reformation. Convinced of the unique and significant mission of the independent Chinese high school, the Tsun Jin Board of Governors courageously resolved to stay in the noble course. Manifesting the great spirit of self-reliance and striving against all odds, various construction plans have been sequentially and successfully implemented.
    Tsun Jin has successfully nurtured thousands of young men and women of quality who have excelled and taken the lead in academic fields such as science, technology, literature, arts and handicraft. They have proven their excellence in various industries and commercial fields. All these successes reflect Tsun Jin’s dedication to repay the supportive Chinese community. This is also a strong and undeniable evidence of the valuable contributions made by the Chinese independent high schools to the nation and the society.


    • 主樓,1952年籌建,1954年落成。
    • 李國??茖W館,建于1964年。
    • 李伯麟圖書館,建于1969年,現為英語教學中心。


    • 國光樓,1992年杪落成。
    • 黃仕壽教學大樓,2002年杪落成。
    • 大禮堂建筑群,2009年落成。


    6,Jalan Loke Yew,55200 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
    Tel:03-92214368/4371 Fax:03-92225004


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